Don’t Rely on Deer Crossing’s To Keep You Safe!

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Uncategorized

Deer tend to eat in the shadows of darkness. They prefer to be near wooded areas and close to fields, so they can run for cover quickly. It is no surprise deer hits are more common in the months of October and November, as the deer are preparing for the cold months of winter. October is a great time to remind our customers what to watch for and hopefully avoid collisions with deer.

Deer tend to eat from dusk till dawn. As a driver, if you are driving on roads surrounded by fields, scan the side of the roads ahead to watch for deer. If cars are not around, make sure to turn your bright’s on. If you see a deer in the headlights, be aware they travel in herds. So if you see one dash across the road, be prepared for others to follow.

If a deer runs out in front of you, DO NOT SWERVE to miss the deer. Instead hit your breaks and hit the deer. Many times people do not want to hurt the deer and think if they swerve to miss they will save the animal. It is found if you swerve to miss the deer, you are more likely to send your car out of control, sending yourself into a ditch, or into oncoming traffic. It is also better to travel in the lane closest to the median dividing the oncoming traffic.

Deer crashes are very common in Nebraska. In fact, all insurance companies consider deer hits comprehension because they are considered an act of nature. “On average, deer collision repair costs three to four thousand dollars,” said Chris Shuman, one of Offutt Collision Repairs Estimators. In fact, last year we saw an abnormal amount of deer hits. Offutt Collision Repair wants to educate our customers so they may avoid such encounters.

Many times we are asked by customers who have seen us for deer hits, “should we attach the Deer Whistles to our car?” We tell them whistles attached to the car have not actually been proven to truly be a deterrent. Although cost effective, the truth is deer have become acclimated to the noise and sight of cars. They simply are not necessarily afraid of them. They live amongst traffic daily. If you would like to install them, we ask that you do not rely on them for your safety, but to use the tools we shared above as the best mode of protection.

Many of our customers have young teen drivers, and we ask that you review with them the safety precautions to avoid deer hits. Offutt Collision Repair loves your business, but we would prefer you, and your families are safe during the upcoming holiday season!