Excellence in Collision Repair

Offering free estimates and repair services for all makes and models.

We repair all types of vehicle damage from small door dings, dents and scratches to fender benders,
animal strikes, hail & storm damage, aluminum & vandalism repair and all Major collision repair.


One of the most common areas of your car to be damaged in a collision is a fender. A fender can have anything from a tiny ding to a serious dent and, no matter how minor the issue is, you want it fixed so that your car is returned to its condition before the collision. Offutt Collision Repair has highly-qualified I-Car Gold-Class certified technicians who have extensive experience in fender repairs.


Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the art of removing minor dings, dents, and creases from a vehicle, while maintaining the integrity of the factory or custom paint finish. It provides virtually undetectable repairs, in a fraction of the time and at approximately one-third of the cost of traditional body repair shops. PDR is ideal for Hail Damage, Low Impact Dent Repair and Minor Dents & Dings. Our technicians will be able to assess the damage to your vehicle and then determine whether it’s a good candidate. Contact OCR today to schedule a free estimate today.


The paint on your vehicle can be damaged even if you are not in a collision. Stones, doors from other cars in parking lots or other bumps can leave chips and scratches in your vehicle paint. In addition, chips can lead to rust which can lower the value of your car and cause even more damage to the exterior. Offutt Collision Repair can address those chips and get your car looking like new again.


Scrapes, scruffs, dents, scratches and gouges on your bumper take away from your vehicle’s curb appeal and value. Since your bumper is designed to absorb the impact of a collision, it’s common for a bumper to sustain serious damage. The highly-trained technicians at Offutt Collision Repair are experts in the field with I-CAR Gold certification and will be able to repair or replace your bumper to its original factory finish. Schedule a free estimate and experience the difference today!


As vehicles are increasingly produced with aluminum components, it is imperative that repair work is done to the specifications conducive to the material. As the chemical structure of aluminum and steel vary, separate tools are needed to properly complete the repair and eliminate the chance of cross-contamination. Offutt Collision Repair offers the most innovative, technology to ensure our guests receive repair work of the highest quality and safety.


Structural damage to your vehicle caused by a collision may require a car frame repair. Our experienced I-Car Gold technicians at Offutt Collision Repair are trained on any type of frame and can provide you with the peace of mind that your vehicles frame will be repaired to factory specifications.


Midwest storms can do severe damage to your vehicle. Falling tree limbs, wind debris and even pea-size hail can leave your car with large and small dents, and can lead to rust if it breaks through the paint. Vehicle damage from vandalism is also very common. From key scratches to spray paint, all the way to smashed windows, damaged tires and rims, OCR’s I-CAR Gold certified team can repair your storm or vandalized vehicle with excellence.


We know that wildlife damage can cause a lot of body damage to a vehicle. Deer accidents can also cause serious front-end damage to vehicles. Our technicians will assess all the damage to your car and provide a fast estimate of what work needs to be done. We’ll give you a fast quote, so the repairs can get rolling as soon as possible.

First Impressions

From the moment you come in, you will experience a warm welcome and will be invited to relax in our clean, comfortable lobby and enjoy free coffee, water, snacks and Wi-Fi while your car is being worked on.

Free Estimates

We provide a free estimate and obtain the necessary insurance approvals before we begin making repairs. If needed, we’ll work with you to get your vehicle here, so you can get back behind the wheel as soon as possible.

Claim Assistance

We work alongside all insurance companies and customers that may be paying out of pocket for their repairs. Our trained estimators are in direct communication with your insurance company which helps streamline the repair process. From filing paperwork, to inspecting the damage, to obtaining the proper insurance approvals, Offutt Collision Repair is with you every step of the way, ensuring a simple and stress-free repair process.
Offutt Collision Repair has received the highest professional I-Car Gold certification in the industry, standing among the nation’s top 10% of collision repair centers. To be eligible for this recognition, each employee must take a certain number of educational and training classes annually to ensure he or she has the skills necessary to perform excellent repairs. Ensuring your vehicle is serviced by an I-Car Gold certified shop is important because, I-Car is the leader in training for the collision industry. Achieving the I-Car Gold certification is another way OCR shows its commitment to safety and quality in repairs that has earned OCR as Bellevue’s first choice for collision repair.

Quality and Affordable Collision Repair

Getting the most value for your dollar is extremely important.
Don’t get trapped into paying high-cost dealership rates to have your vehicle repaired.
At Offutt Collision Repair, we offer top quality auto body repairs at a competitive price.

Car Rental Assistance

At Offutt Collision Repair, we believe your experience extends beyond the initial repair. That’s why we’ve integrated additional services, such as arranging a rental vehicle for our customers. Simply let us know that you’ll need a car while yours is being repaired, and we’ll get the paperwork started and begin working with your insurance company for rental reimbursement. Offutt Collision Repair is partnered with Hertz (402-731-2970) and Enterprise (402-293-0980) in Bellevue. For your added convenience, you will then be able to leave the vehicle with us when you pick up your vehicle after the repairs are completed.

Courtesy Ride

Need a ride? No problem, the staff at OCR is happy to arrange customer pick up and drop offs if needed within a 7-10-mile radius.

Tow Service

Need a lift? Unexpected mechanical repairs are stressful enough, but even more so when you cannot get your car to the garage. Our Director of First Impressions, is happy to set up a tow truck for you if needed.  If your vehicle is towed to OCR, our trained estimators have 24-48 hours to write up an estimate. Once the damaged has been assessed our Estimator will then submit the estimate and photographs to your insurance company.

Animal Strikes?

Deer, Coyotes, Raccoons and other wildlife can cause a collision to happen unexpectedly, leaving a ton of damage to your vehicle. Offutt Collision Repair I-CAR Gold technicians are certified and trained to repair vehicles where animal damage has occurred. Contact Offutt Collision today to learn more about their exceptional Animal Strike Repair Service.