Why Do People Choose Offutt Collision Repair?

Many of our competitors are on the insurance preferred body shop list, so why are they choosing Offutt Collision Repair? Adam Behm said, “The insurance agent listed several body shops around Bellevue and Papillion, NE. I chose Offutt because Karissa is in a networking group with me. I could not have had a better experience. I’ve never been in an auto accident before so to have them literally walk me through everything was extremely appreciative. They even had a rental car ready for me when I dropped off my vehicle.”

Throughout the years, one thing has remained constant: our reputation for exceeding customer satisfaction, our estimator’s who are able to explain what the repair process is and what to expect, the quality of workmanship that our certified and trained technicians provide, and our reputation for community involvement.

Many of our clients use our body shop repeatedly! We see a lot of damaged vehicles needing frame work, window replacement, aluminum body repair, hail damage dents, door dings, and broken bumpers. Many times we have served entire families, from the new teenager just learning to drive to the grandpa picking up kids from school. Each time, Offutt Collision Repair understands the frustration and fear from the car accident and the unknown of what’s to happen next.

Offutt Collision Repair, your leading collision center in Bellevue, NE, has a staff that will help guide you through each stage of the vehicle repair. We work closely with your insurance carrier so that everyone is on the same page. But mostly, we treat our customers…………….well, actually let’s hear what our customer Angela May has to say!

“My family has probably visited OCR at least eight times over the past twelve years, but my favorite story involves an incident with my dad that occurred about 5 years ago. To this day, he still jokes about the fact that although he’s been fortunate enough to dodge countless near-deer collisions in his hometown in upstate NY, he somehow managed to run over a rocking chair that had fallen off the back of a pickup truck along I-80 while he was vacationing in Nebraska! OCR made a lasting impression on him during a stressful situation; not only was his damage extensive, but he was also on a strict timeline to get back on the road to NY ASAP. OCR put a rush on evaluating the safety and drivability of his vehicle. In an effort to expedite his departure, they also formulated a plan to order only the parts needed to ensure his journey home would be safe and non-eventful. Additionally, OCR went above and beyond and coordinated with his local mechanic in NY so they could pre-order the remaining parts needed for repairs, which resulted in a timely completion of the work upon his arrival. Offutt Collision made my dad feel like a VIP from start to finish, even going so far as to personally shuttling him back to my house when he dropped off his vehicle. My dad still talks about how great the entire experience was which is a testament to how wonderful this body shop makes everyone feel – they always treat you like you’re part of their own family. For that reason alone, I’ll never go anywhere else!”

Written by Tiffany Brown

I’m a military wife and mom of 3 boys. I’ve been with OCR for 2 years now, and I absolutely love it! I love how Offutt Collision is so involved in the community and with the military. I couldn’t imagine my life without OCR in it! Chad is an amazing owner who leads from the front, and truly cares about his customers. I know this is what makes us so special!

April 26, 2017

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