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Celebrating Our Independence

American families have this upcoming weekend planned out! Years ago, John Adams predicted this powerful holiday for our country. He wrote to his wife days before our Declaration Of Independence was signed and said, “It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with...

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Texting Teens – Begins With Us!

It is difficult to warn your children about the dangers of texting and driving, especially when they have seen you do it yourself! “But, I only attempt to text at stop lights," you may be thinking. Did you know it takes approximately 27 seconds to refocus on driving...

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Accidents, They Happen!

Accidents, they happen! And they are never easy! And always unexpected. You are on your way to drop your children off at school before you head to work. You are following the rules and sitting at the red light, waiting for it to turn green! Your mind is thinking about...

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Holy Hail Batman

Many of our families have friends all across America. And many of you have witnessed tweets or Facebook posts relating to hail! Holy Hail Batman…you may have thought as you saw pictures of your friend in Texas’s back yard covered in large balls of hail. Their next...

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